Friday, February 17, 2017

how public utility companies in UK are using mobile enterprise messaging

" the power of mobile messaging by public utility companies"

How Public Utility Companies are using the power of  Enterprise Mobile Communications

More and more consumers are realizing that they can get a better deal on their utility costs by shopping around and seeking the best deals or special offers. This is reflected by the number of consumers that have chosen to opt-in to receive regular communications from utility companies; which really emphasises the need for businesses in the utility industry to invest in this variety of marketing. 

Public  Utility companies like natural gas, electricity, along with Telephone companies have understood the importance of mobile messaging services. From notification to consumers on the bill, last payment date.. to intimation of outages. Public utilities companies have been one of the biggest sector to adopt and embrace the power of enterprise mobile messaging

 The above  infographic published by textlocal shows how public utility companies are using the power of mobile messaging