Thursday, February 16, 2017

a2p messaging market set to exceed $58.75 billion by 2020.

" A2P messaging to grow to $58billion by 2020"

Application to Person, or A2P, messaging refers to the  one-way SMS to which a application provider sends to a individual. For example  A2P messaging includes but is not limited to marketing messages, appointment reminders, notifications , banking transaction summary and pin codes.

In A2P messaging the recipients are not expected to reply back A2P messages can be subject to local country regulations (e.g. France and India). These restrictions can have delivery implications that customers should be aware of, such as message filtering by recipient carriers or delayed message delivery. 

According to the Mobile intelligence firm, Mobilesquared, the A2P messaging market was worth $12.88 billion in 2015 and will rise to $58.75 billion in 2020. 
Another Analyst firm Statista indicates that the volume of A2P messages was 1,625 billion in 2015, and will rise to 1,762 billion by 2018.
The same report also forecasts that the rollout of more next-generation SMS revenue assurance platforms will see grey-route messages drop from 65 per cent of total A2P global traffic in 2015 to 19 per cent by 2020. 

  • According to MEF’s mobile messaging report, 65 per cent of consumers communicate with businesses on chat apps; increasing to 76 per cent globally via SMS.
  • Moreover, 1 in 3 users have interacted with a financial services company via mobile messaging ( A2P messaging ) with authentication acting as a key driver – 30 per cent of consumers worldwide have confirmed passwords via text. 
  • Globally, the banking and financial services and retail sectors are set to be major verticals and contributing more than 40 per cent of market share for A2P SMS market growth.
  • According to the recently pubished  Telefonica’s Text Economy Report , It forecasts that banks, retailers and OTT providers themselves will account for 60 per cent of global A2P messaging traffic by 2017.